BATCE Sixth Form honoured for participation in Euclid Mathematics competition

BATCE Sixth Form honoured for participation in the Euclid Mathematics Contest


Nineteen students from the Upper and Lower Six Pure Mathematics classes recently participated in the Euclid Mathematics Contest organised by the University of Waterloo, Canada.  The two top students were Jaime Taylor of Upper six and Jeremy Baksh of Lower six. Jeremy Baksh received a medal from the University of Waterloo for his sterling performance.

  1. Nicholas Heeralal.
  2. Jeremy Baksh
  3. Aaron Ramcharan.
  4. JeVaughn Hamiliton
  5. Tamika Darius
  6. Darion Roberts
  7. Renee Berahzer
  8. Grace Clarke
  9. Vicky Ramnarine.
  10. Daniel John
  11. Laena Rampersad
  12. Mary Marslier
  13. Jamie Taylor
  14. Raphael Superville
  15. Nicolas Rodriguez
  16. Adrian Walker
  17. Justin Cabrerra.
  18. Jade Noriega.
  19. Sana Fairman.

The Board of Management, Senior Management and Members of Staff congratulate Jeremy Baksh, Jaime Taylor and the additional seventeen students on their achievement

Jeremy Baksh with Pure Mathematics Teacher Ms Gwendolyn Pope.