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This web site can do no more than offer a brief outline of the opportunities which we offer students at our school, but it should serve to illustrate that  its high reputation is well deserved.

Bishop Anstey is organised within a well planned curriculum and good teaching which lead to very high standards and excellent examination results.  The exemplary behaviour of our pupils makes an important contribution to the welcoming, supportive and orderly learning environment created by the School.

As an Anglican school our students’ spiritual and moral development is of paramount importance.  We therefore ensure that our students are exposed to a wide range of activities which allow them to appreciate the essential role that God plays in their lives and the importance of sustaining his creation.

We provide a caring, disciplined atmosphere in which to promote academic excellence, so that every pupil can prepare confidently for a fast changing world. This is reflected in the ‘value added’ observed in our examination results and the provision of a wide range of activities both within and outside the School. Full use is made of the very latest technology with computing facilities a feature of teaching in all subjects. Due to the oustanding work of our teachers and students we have been delighted to have been recipients of national awards for sport, extra-curricular activities and high achievement.

A talented staff ensures that we remain in the forefront of educational development, while the additional funding supplied by the splendid support of parents and the community helps us to provide the most up-to-date equipment and facilities for the pupils’ use.

The education of young people is a shared responsibility; therefore we look forward to working in partnership with parents and friends of Bishop Anstey High School East to provide our girls with the best possible education.

This is an active and successful school offering exciting challenges. Do come and see for yourself – I look forward to meeting you.

Perle Brewster (Ed.D)