Trinity College East

Welcome to Trinity College East


Welcome to the Trinity College East family. We are excited to have you as one of our students and it is our hope that your years at the school will be meaningful and enjoyable. We are confident that you will strive to reach your full potential while supporting others in their efforts to do the same. We hope that this handbook will provide for you a useful guide as you settle in as a new student of this school.



Welcome to the Trinity College East family. We hold the view that the intended outcomes of the secondary education process cannot be achieved without the optimum support of parents/guardians. The School Handbook is intended to provide a useful guide also for you – the Parent/Guardian – as you embark on this important phase of nurturing and caring for your child/ward. We anticipate your full support and cooperation. Since we are in our first years of the school, and given our commitment to obtain input from the students, parents/guardians and staff, and the changing environment in which we operate – it is expected that changes may be made to the School Handbook. In general, these are unlikely to be substantial and you will be notified of any significant modifications. Your School Handbook should be kept safely for frequent reference.

Derek V. West